Personal Notes and more...

I returned back to Cape Town, South Africa in November 2003. On the 1 February 2004 I got married to Robyn, my lovely wife.

Previously I lived in Europe for 8 and half years. I have been to many different parts and settled down in Munich Germany for 6 years. I have been speaking German for the last 7 years and am fluent in all areas. My travels have taught me to "respect" everyone that you meet and not immediatly look down on them, when one does this, one has a better understanding for others.


Scouting has been a large part of my life, from the age of 7 through to 18 I have been involved. I Completed my Scouting career by obtaining the Springbok Scout Award in 1991. Recently I took part in the Senior Scout Adventure in the Cedarberg (South Africa) where myself and 2 seniors ran the Mountaineering base. (December 2002).

In December 2003, I sumitted the two highest peaks in Southern Africa with a group of Senior Scouts from 2nd Kenridge, namely Thabana-Ntlenyana, at 3,841m and Mafadi at 3,450m above sea level. 

Every two years I organise and run the Mountaineering Base on the Senior Scout Adventure held in the Cederberg, Western Cape. see A group of dedicated senior scouts run the base for 10-12 days to guide younger scouts who abseil and summit the highest peak in the Cederberg.

Penguin Rescue

Winter of 1994 in Cape Town, South Africa. A ship carrying crude oil sunk off the west coast of Cape Town creating a large oil spill which threatened 1000's of penguins. I voluntered along with others for the clean up operation of the penguins. A rewarding task after the long and hard battle to clean, and feed the penguins before being set free again.


Hiking/Climbing/Mountain Biking

Since being a Scout from an early age, hiking has been a major activity in my life. However a new aspect to hiking is also climbing, a great sport which tests you metally and physically. Since being back in South Africa, I have started mountain biking with many adventures going to various single track routes throughout the Western Cape area.

Slack-lining & Low-lining (since 2010)

For the last couple of years my aim has to been to start high-lining, not an easy task, as it takes many hours of practice. More details on the art of slack-lining .

POI - Performance Art (since 2010)

I actively play the Fire POI, see more here.

Inline Skating

I was the vice-chairmain of the SkateMunich! e.V. inline skating club in Munich, Germany for 5 and half years. Together with our members we brought night skating alive here in Munich ( - 1999) and a slalom event to promote skating in the city. We organised skate tours and events for skaters in Munich often with upto 150 people. Our events have taken us to Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Frankfurt and various areas around Munich.

I have also been on the planning committee for the night skate event Skate-the-Tegernsee. Held twice in 2003 with over 2500 skaters at each event.

Since July 2003, I have been involved in the planning of the third night for Munich, see


A good favouite of mine. Packing a backpack and heading off to an unknown city and exploring like a local. Interesting countries that I have been to include, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Ireland, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Turkey.


I have been taking photos for the last 9 years and have a large collection of people and cities of the areas that I have been to. An ongoing experience to learn what can be achieved by taking pictures of people.